With online information and resources becoming more accessible, first responders are finding themselves using them as another tool in the tool box. The problem is, many information sources, from different websites, are often needed at any given time or incident. This leads to responders having MANY bookmarks, saved pages but more often than not, forgotten resources and the inability to find a specific source of information in the moment.

After a long chat with a mentor and friend in the fire service, the idea of a consolidated of list of links to various resources came about and the journey to compile the list of resources began. Over the past few months and after conversation with various emergency management officials, various persons in EMS, Police, Fire & SAR a list of resources was developed.

The goal was then to create a very basic and simple site that would be desktop, tablet & phone friendly which included links to resources that they use every day.

Hence the www.NSResponderHub.ca was born. 

One web address for responders to remember with pretty much any public resource you may need during an active incident, event or for pre-planning. This is completely free for anyone to use as they wish.